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Registration of Accommodation under Bed and Breakfast / Home Stay scheme

1. Who can Register?

A person holding property in A & N and willing to use a part of it to provide accommodation for Guests (Tourists) can Register the same under Bed and Breakfast (B & B) Scheme of A & N Admin. The property can be either “Owned” or “Rented / leased”. For purpose of this scheme, the term “Owner” refers to both types above.

2. Who is the Registering Agency?

The Directorate of Tourism (DoT) under A & N Admin is the nodal department to Register B & B / Homestay properties (Establishments). Click here for contact details of DoT.

3. What is the Process of Registration?

The entire process of Registration of Properties under B & B scheme has been made Online by A & N Admin from Jan 2018. Properties can be registered online for (a) New Registration or (b) Renewal of registration. The following steps have to be followed for both types :

Step – 1 : Submitting Online Application (By Owner) :

  1. The property owner should apply in online portal of B & B ( and complete it.
  2. While applying online, owner has to choose the ‘Category” of establishment as “Gold” or “Silver”. Click here for requirements for each
  3. Along with online application, owner should also Upload Supporting Documents in the portal. Click here for “List of Supporting Documents”.
  4. The Owner has to pay the prescribed “Registration Fee” . Rs. 1,000 for "Silver" Category and Rs. 2,000 for "Gold" Category. Payments can be made through Online Payment. Note: Payment is not Refundable if your application is Rejected.
  5. After successful submission, portal will generate a Unique Application No, which is to be noted for future reference and tracking.
  6. The Owner can download the filled in Application form from portal.

Step – 2 : Verification of Online Application (By DoT) :

  1. The DoT will verify the online application and documents submitted in the portal and update “Status of Application” as below. The Owner can view Status of his/her application from the portal directly :
  2. “Accepted” – The application will Proceed to Step – 3 below.
    “Rejected” – The application is rejected with “Reasons” as displayed in portal. The Owner has to apply again for new application.
    “Pending” – The submitted application is kept pending with “Reasons” displayed in portal. The Owner should update/upload portal with required details, based on which further verification will be done by DoT in portal.

Step – 3 : Inspection of B & B Establishment & Updation of Status (By DoT) :

  1. For all applications “Accepted” in Step – 2 above, DoT will undertake Physical inspection of B & B establishment, to confirm that all requirements for Registration are met. Click here for “List of requirements for Registration under B & B”.
  2. The DoT will update the portal with “Status of Inspection” as below:
  3. “Accepted” – The application will Proceed to Step – 4 below.
    “Rejected” – The application is rejected with “Reasons” as displayed in portal. The Owner has to apply again for new application.

Step – 4 : Approval of Application & generation of Registration certificate (By DoT):

  1. The DoT will verify the payment made by Owner through the portal and “Approve” it online.
  2. The portal will automatically generate “Registration Certificate” for all Approved applications.

Step – 5 : Downloading of Registration Certificate (By Owner) :

  1. The Owner can download the “Registration Certificate” directly from portal.
4. Online Application Form

Click Here to download “Online Application Form”.

5. Supporting Documents required for Registration

List for “Supporting documents required to be uploaded by Owner” for Registration.

Sno Document
1. Aadhaar Card
2. PAN Card
3. Clearance from the police Authorities regarding the antecedents of the Owner/Owners and the proposed activity
4. Record of Rights (ROR)
5. Leased Agreement
5. Affidavit of co-sharer of b&b/land
6. Registration Charges and Validity of Registration Certificate
  1. The charges for Registration depend on category of establishment ie Rs 2000 for “Gold” and Rs 1000 for “Silver”.
  2. The Registration certificate is valid for 3 years from date of issue and has to be renewed.
7. Renewal of Registration certificate
  1. The renewal of Registration certificate follows a similar process as for fresh registration as indicated in "Process of Registration".
8. Check List of Points for “Category”

Click here for “Check List” of requirements to be met by the B&B to be considered under each category ie “Gold” or “Silver”.

9. Check List of Inspection Points

Click here for “Check List” of points which will be inspected by the Inspecting Authority of DoT in the process of physical inspection of B & B establishment.

10. Contact details of DoT for B & B scheme

For any queries on “Registration and Renewal” of B & B establishments / Homestays, kindly contact the office below during working hours :

The Directorate of Tourism,
A & N Admin,
Port Blair, A & N Islands
Phone No : 03192-232694 / 232747
e-mail :